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Protec Arisawa is the global leader for the design and the manufacturing of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels for membrane filtration systems. 

With three production sites located on three different continents and over 40 years of experience in filament winding, Protec Arisawa is your supplier of choice when it comes to selecting high-quality pressure vessels with leading technology.


Universal Experience


We have been in the Composite business since 1971 and almost since the very beginning our founding managing team considered the world as our natural market. Then, being for many years part of a Multinational Corporation, before with Bekaert and now with Arisawa Corp has given us with a clear international edge. A multilingual team, scattered around the world is ready to listen to you and help with your demands. Wherever your project is located, do not worry, we have already been there.


Regional Presence


With our regional fabrication facilities in California, Spain and Japan we can deliver faster than other supplier, regardless of vessel length, pressure or configuration. As a total solution provider, you can count on our sales network for optimizing your product and providing support from concept to start-up, in addition to vessel service throughout the life of a system.


Custom Products


We are not producing Vessels to rest on a shelf waiting for a buyer. We are designing, creating and producing on real time the Vessels matching your exact requirements and needs in every moment. We are so sure of our flexibility and reactiveness that we do not have standard Vessel models. We have a complete array of options and different alternatives to offer you on a record time the Vessel you really need for the System you have designed.


Redusing System Cost


We know that the Water Treatment market is continuously subjected to a cost-cutting effort. Our customers and partners have to fight with growing demands by end-users keeping at the same time costs at bay. Protec Arisawa spends a good deal of its R&D effort and budget to find better and more optimal ways to operate our vessels. Not only our Vessels have the best quality-price ratio in the market, but they have the lowest maintenance cost, in terms of time consuming and budget required.


Molti-Porting Technology


Protec Arisawa is usually part of our customers and partners projects design process, as defining Systems with a clear calling on Multiple-Porting configuration allows a much more optimal space usage, allowing complete installations built in a smaller and compact way. Besides, you will need a far lesser number of collectors and couplings, reducing sensibly your piping cost.



16” Vessel Diameter protec arisawa

16" Mega Side Port


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